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Woad articles to be hosted at the Tsuniversity!
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 13th 2006f May 2006 @827 by Anastasia
Today we begin the bittersweet task of formatting the old Woad Creations (WC) articles to be preserved here at the Tsuniversity. A special note of thanks to Kor for his gracious decision to allow us to preserve them. We are honored to host the articles that have inspired many generations of scenario designers, along with contributing to the legacy of Woad. Of course the bittersweet part is due to the soon to be closing Woad Creations web-site, that will surely be missed.

The first stages will consist of deciding how to format and layout the pages, but our goal is to make them appear as much like they did at WC as possible. We have tentatively planned to use the WC Banner atop the articles, but there is much work to be done. Also, we will probably be seeking new members, proficient with HTML, to join us as Tsuniversity Members and help us with the project. Any recruitment will probably be done at Age of Kings Heaven Forums, so if inclined, please keep an eye out there or contact me (Anastasia) via email.

New Article on Piracy Protection and Prevention
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 23rd 2006f April 2006 @680 by storycreator
" A while back I had posted in Age of Kings Heaven forums about a problem we had been experiencing in our design team. An increasing number of designers were applying for the team with pirated copies of scenarios. We of course caught the designer in the act and he was banned. Of course this is minor on a design team level but when it comes to multiplayer scenarios it becomes a problem. So I posed the question to the forum community. How can we prevent piracy? There is no perfect answer but there are some methods that, if used properly, could stop theft of your work."

Terry wrote down these methods and made an easy to understand article out of it. Thanks for your work, Terry!

read the full article...

Updates: Finally we've got an AoE III section
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 23rd 2006f April 2006 @670 by storycreator
After a long absence to scenario design and Tsuniversity affairs I finally got time to add an AoE III section to our article database.
Now it only needs to be filled up.... ;-)

In addition the News Archive has been activated and I tried to fix some bugs with the article window that made the comment box look weird. If you still see some bugs or want to submit a new article drop me a line.

How to Make a Realistic Campfire
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 15th 2006f February 2006 @659 by Oliver
A new article has been added to the AoK section. It is the AoK Heaven member newIdea who has written a guide on how to make realistic campfires. I can assure you that the trick looks great. The article is very well written too and easy to follow. Check it out here. Many thanks to newIdea for sharing this trick with our visitors.

New Age of Kings Article!
posted on Tuesday, thEurope/Berlin 29th 2005f November 2005 @553 by Oliver
The Beginners guide to changing unit graphics by Oliver has been posted in the modding section. The article details all the procedures for the new developments in scenario design that were featured in the news and forum topics at Age of Kings Heaven. It's an excellent guide, and very easy to understand. Thanks Oliver!

Tsuniversity To Cover AOE III
posted on Tuesday, thEurope/Berlin 18th 2005f October 2005 @371 by Oliver
AOE III is in the stores! Storycreator promises a new article section dedicated to AOE III scenario design tutorials that should be up soon. Anastasia has reviewed the AOE III Demo Campaign and gives her player perspective. For all intents and purposes the demo player perspective is about to become obsolete with the release of the full game. Still, we think it can provide insight that might be helpful to the new players out there without any spoiler information. Also, just in is a link to exclusive images of the AOE III Editor that were posted by the renown fan scenario designer Elpea on his personal blog page here!

Land design in AoK:TC
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 4th 2005f September 2005 @672 by storycreator
1 AoK scenario designer Boosh mailed me a very comprehensive article on land design in AoK. His main idea is that when designing the land in your scenario you have to emulate the process mother earth took 4.5 billion years for.
"The Earth itself is a continuing, rolling landscaping project that has been ongoing for many billions of years. It seems impossible that we can build to its imperfect perfection."
Take a look at Boosh's article...

Thunder77 on Invisible Farms
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 31st 2005f July 2005 @447 by storycreator
We've all seen this trick before but I'm sure not everybody knows how it was done. That's why Thunder77 wrote an article on how to create Invisible Farms. Check it out!

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The News
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 17th 2005f July 2005 @219 by
The news has been a little slow lately as we've been gearing up for AOE III. Here is a couple of items though that are worth checking out if you haven't already.

The 100 Greatest AoK Campaigns

A topic a AOKH Scenario Design Forum was formed in an attempt to determine the 100 Greatest Campaigns from the member's votes. Ulio by Ingo Van Thiel looks to be the shoe in for the number one spot, and Sabato Returns by Berserker Jerker will most likely place second. There is still time to vote for 100 of your favorite designs, so check out King Bob VI's topic!!

Tsunami Studios: Mythology Achievement

Auron created a topic at AOMH Scenario Design Forum, listing the many scenario designs Tsunami Studios has created for the game. Why? Because he wanted to! ;-) Anyway, even I was pretty amazed at the list so check it out here!

Imperial Creations
posted on Tuesday, thEurope/Berlin 17th 2005f May 2005 @006 by Anastasia
The new Age of Kings scenario design team Imperial Creations have announced the completion of their website and forums. The site looks great and has all the features one would expect, and the forums boast an arcade with 57 games. How cool is that? There is no doubt that a lot of work went into building the website and forums, and all is to be commended. So everyone please head on over to congratulate the young team on their new home, Imperial Creations!

Spotlight on Mechstra
posted on Friday, thEurope/Berlin 6th 2005f May 2005 @567 by storycreator
We're proud to announce a new feature of our "Spotlight on" series. This time Woad Creation's 2nd in command Mechstra was interviewed by us.

"Mechstra is an extremely talented scenario designer who has designed nine top rated and innovative projects spanning four separate games. That is why it may seem somewhat of a contradiction to his divulgence of struggling with motivation, that we consider him one of the most accomplished scenario designers in our community..." read the full interview...

Updated links section
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 4th 2005f May 2005 @742 by Stephen Richards
A number of new links have been added to the Tsuniversity's already-comprehensive links sections. Most are in the Resource Sound and Writing sections, but there are a couple in Graphics, and a link to some of the old SCN Punk articles (in the Community Design Team section). So, if you're looking for a piece of atmospheric music, want to improve your writing style, or just draw a pretty picture, please have a browse.

Stronghold 2 Heaven opens!
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 17th 2005f April 2005 @627 by Stephen Richards
Today, April 17th, the newest heaven has just opened!

You can check the new heaven on this link:

Stronghold 2 is due to release on April 19th on the US and 22nd April on the UK.

Stronghold Heaven's Spotlight on Designer
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 3rd 2005f April 2005 @819 by storycreator
1 For quite some time Kester has been writing articles for Stronghold featuring various aspects of mapmaking.
His current feature is about Lowered Walls. For this article he got the aid of NAT II.

The outstanding aspect of Kester's series is the use of screenshots taken from various honoured maps - directly out of Stronghold Heaven's download area.

Take a look at the mapmaking mainpage for all articles.

New Articles for Age of Kings and Stronghold
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 24th 2005f February 2005 @054 by storycreator
Argy provided as with some very comprehensive articles for Age of Kings about how to creative effective waterfalls and how to create effective fields.
He did a huge research on how realistic fields in the Middle Ages must have looked like and how they can be represented in Age of Kings.
Thanks for the great work, Argy!

In addition we got a new article from NeKoeNMa our Dean for Stronghold. He wrote about how to create nice eye candy by placing buildings close to walls.
As a Stronghold designer he's eagerly awaiting Stronghold 2, which is to be released in April and will be featured by the Tsuniversity.

Age Of Mythology - Editor Art
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 3rd 2005f January 2005 @644 by storycreator
I just stumbled across a nice image forumer Echowinds (over at AoM Heaven) created with the Age of Mythology editor.

take a look at the image

Happy Anniversary Woad Creations!
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 25th 2004f November 2004 @431 by Anastasia
We recently had chance and reason to visit Woad Creations, and discovered that this month marked their 4th anniversary. Although belated in regard to the actual day, November 6, 2000; The Tsuniversity would like to extend our regards and thanks to the many talented members of Woad Creations, for four years of scenario design excellence!

The Woad anniversary has fallen fittingly on another long awaited occasion of the Spotlight on Kor aka Derfel Cadarn leader of Woad Creations!

Check out our latest Spotlight On article that we are honored to bring you!

*** Spotlight on Duke of York ***
posted on Tuesday, thEurope/Berlin 26th 2004f October 2004 @097 by NeKoeNMa
The Tsuniversity proudly presents our first spotlight on a Stronghold designer, featuring Duke of York.

Be sure to check it out HERE!

"Duke of York, Stronghold player, Cherub for Heavengames, great Scenario Designer and winner of the Stronghold Heaven Historic Castle Competition has agreed to be our first spotlighted Stronghold designer. Find out more about the designer and his works."

Server Move & Comment Alert
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 16th 2004f October 2004 @324 by storycreator
During the last hours the site was not accessible because we moved from a small web package that worked as a forwarder into a larger package.

We'd like to apologize for any inconvenience.

Another, more convenient, thing we're doing in the near future is adding a "Comment Alert" function that notifies an author when one of his articles received a comment.
Now we need just a confirmation from every author who wants to use this service.

Please drop us a mail...

Milestone reached
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 4th 2004f October 2004 @398 by Dark Blade
In the month of September we reached and exceded the grand total of 2000 hits on TSUniversity articles.

This is the highest number of hits that the TSUni has managed since it release month in January, and has undoubtedly been helped by the dedication of many authors and the numerous articles they have submitted.

With the release of the 142nd article (Stopping the King Garrisoning, by Berserker Jerker), it is clear that the Article Library continues to grow, and with many more articles planned or currently in production it won't be long before it passes the 150 mark.

We also wish the articles to be relevant to you, the user. It is with this in view that the Article Wishlist form (on the right hand side of the page) has been created. If you feel there is any area of a featured game that you struggle to grasp, or would like to understand better, please submit a request using the simple form provided. We have an effective team here who will do their best to provide you with the answers you seek, whether they point you to an existing article or write one especially at your request.

So in the meantime, a big thank you is due to all contributors and to the many visitors who continue to visit and recommend this site in forums and communities. We are undoubtedly looking forward to providing you with many more quality articles in the future.

Spotlight On Gordon Farrell and 'Castles of Wood, Men of Leather' Contest Results
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 22nd 2004f September 2004 @513 by storycreator
We are proud to announce our latest 'Spotlight On' feature, an interview with scenario design phenomenon Gordon Farrell. It is a fascinating an informative read for all scenario designers, so be sure to check it out!

The Results of 'Castles of Wood, Men of Leather' scenario design contest are in at Stronghold Heaven. Congratulations to the winners and all the contestants including the Tsuniversity's very own NeKoeNMa!

The Winners from Stronghold Heaven:

1. Saxon Burgh by LCJr 23.83

2. Donatien Abbey by Kester 23.66

3. The Vikings are Coming by Snydens 23.59

4. Culture Wars by Docweasel 23.43

The top scored map(s) for each of the 6 sections were:
Balance & Playability: The Vikings are Coming
Creativity: Culture Wars, Lord Beaver (by Pirate Roberts) & Old Helm's Deep (by Zebas)
Map Design: Culture Wars, Fort Kenor (by Octavius) & The Vikings are Coming
Story: Donatien Abbey
Authenticity: Saxon Burgh

The idea of the competition was to create a scenario using, as far as the game allows, only wooden buildings, archers, crossbowmen, spearmen and mace men.

Source - Heaven Games, Stronghold Heaven

Stronghold 2 Announced!
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 25th 2004f August 2004 @712 by NeKoeNMa
"The first Stronghold game pioneered a genre by combining the elements of simulation games and combat strategy into a single unique experience," said Christoph Hartmann, Senior Vice President of Publishing at Global Star. "Now we are thrilled to bring Stronghold 2 to the market, which will undoubtedly set the standard as Firefly Studios has taken its already highly regarded gameplay and pushed it beyond anyone's expectations with new and innovative features. We are confident that Stronghold 2 will captivate gamers in 2005."

Everyone is excited!!! Let's hope some more good news will show up later, specialy concerning the new features!

New official Site
Some screenshots

Doesn't it give us a medieval feeling?

SSSI is Searching for a Scenario Designer
posted on Tuesday, thEurope/Berlin 24th 2004f August 2004 @370 by RiderofEternity
Ever wanted to be a professional scenario designer?
The creators of Empire Earth and Empires are hiring now,
the only downside is that you must be a permanent resident of the USA.

A quote from their announcement:

Experienced scenario designers needed to help build campaigns for our upcoming RTS title. Scenarios will have a strong historical context. They will be created using our in-house scenario editor. A college degree is not required, but you must demonstrate the ability to create intriguing, detailed, and - most of all - fun campaigns.

Job requirements:

Demonstrable skills in single player scenario design from an RTS game (EMPIRES: Dawn of the Modern World, Empire Earth, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Age of Ö, etc.)
Knowledge of history
A passion for games
You must be a US citizen
You should have the following:

Proven attention to detail
A great imagination
A desire to be part of the team
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

But take a look at their announcement...

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10.000th visitor
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 12th 2004f August 2004 @446 by
Yesterday we broke the barrier of 10.000 people having visited our website. Our current number of visits per month is 2000+.
We're happy that our traffic steadily increases and I'm sure that we can announce 20.000 visitors this year.

Head of the Tsuniversity

2004 Pretty Town Contest
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 29th 2004f July 2004 @736 by Dark_Warrior_1_
AoKH's 3rd annual pretty town contest is under way! The purpose of this contest is to create the best looking town with the AoK Scenario Editor. The winner will be determined by our very own Anastasia, and Tanneur99, along with AoKH Cherub Qazitory. This years theme is to make the swampiest town.

Angel Aro describes your job as the designer...

Your job is to create the most beautiful, eye appealing, town, city or village, using the AoK Scenario Editor. However, this town, city, or village must look as much like a swamp as possible. This is the type of contest where the shallows terrain is great to have. If you want to participate, please send your contest entry to Angel Aro - the entry must be received by August 25th (10:00 EST). It must meet the requirements set rules to be accepted (for the rule listing, go to the link below). Please note: if you send in a scenario that breaks the rules, you will be disqualified. Please make sure it complies with them before you submit it.

Make sure that you visit the Age of Kings Map Design and Eye-Candy section of the TSU. There are lots of great articles to help you in your design.

For more information and the contests rules visit the official page. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the thread at AoKH. But please, read the rules before posting a question that may have already been answered. May the best town win!

Hopefuly mine... ;-)

News Director

Changes at the Tsuniversity
posted on Friday, thEurope/Berlin 23rd 2004f July 2004 @351 by storycreator
New Staff
First of all I'd like to announce three new members, two for our Age of Mythology section and one for our Stronghold section.
They are a great addition to the team and will be writing many quality articles for their games.
Welcome Antisback, Sorceror of Erebus and NeKoeNMa!

Fixes and Updates
Because there have been several wanting this feature you can now select how many articles you want to see on a page.

Good to hear for our authors - the comments an article got are now shown in the article list. So if you wrote 5 articles, for example. You just have to search for all articles by your username and automatically see if you got any comments.
We're planning to add a feature that automatically notifies an authors when new comments has been posted.
Please send me a mail what you think about that feature -> send me a mail

As a next thing we fixed the search function, so now you can enter "Bridge" for example and get all articles, with a "Bridge" in the title. Like "A 3D Bridge" or "Canyon Bridge".

Finally the "About Us" page had to be updated. In addition to adding our new members the titles have be changed to "Deans" and "Professors". So now it looks more "University"-like.

BTW: If you've got an article at the Tsuniversity, you can call yourself "Guest Professor of the Tsuniversity".
May be a nice addition for your signature. ;-)

125 Articles at The Tsuniversity!
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 18th 2004f July 2004 @017 by Berserker Jerker
Over the past few months under the leadership of Storycreator the Tsuniversity has been working hard to increase the number of Articles on its database. We now have 35 registered Authors and have reached 125 articles in our database! Covering a wide range of subjects for the games AOK, AOM, Empire Earth, Empires DOTMW and Stronghold.

Article number 125 is an interview by Tanneur99 with one of the great designers of AOK, Puzzleman. So check out this fascinating insight in the SpotLight On Puzzleman This is a great insight in to one of the great scenario designers, thank you Puzzleman.

Next under the spotlight will be Tsunami Studios Head, Heaven Games moderator, and scenario designer, Anastasia. Thatís one I know quite a few are looking forward to, so keep your eye out for that one.

The Age of Kings, and Age of Kings-TC sections at the Tsuniversity have reached a massive 70 articles, covering all aspects of scenario design. From AI scripting to map design, trigger tricks to trouble shooting. It now offers one of the most comprehensive article data bases youíll find for AOK. Iím sure you will find something that interests you, and you might even discover a new idea to help with your up coming scenario.

The Tsuniversity is constantly looking for new authors and articles, so if you would like to become an author at the Tsuniversity, and write an article, contact Storycreator and he will be happy to assist. If you just want to see an article on a particular subject, then submit an article wish, and one off our team will try their best to accommodate this request.

AoM: Artistic Screenshot Competition by Ambition Designs
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 5th 2004f July 2004 @257 by Sorceror_Erebus
"Artistic? W000t?

Ambition Designs' Artistic Screenshot CompetitionYep, artistic. And with that I mean screenshots that have a certain atmosphere. Iíll give an example: A Snowy Winter, submitted to the AoMH eyecandy thread by WhoAskedYou.
As you can see, there isnít really much spectacular eyecandy. There are only a few objects - a couple of deers, some trees, a bridge and thats it - but still I enjoy looking at it! How come? Itís the atmosphere in the screenshot. It has *something extra*, and that little extra is what weíre looking for in this contest.
So, please mind that this competition is not an eyecandy contest! To be honest, most submissions to the eyecandy thread wonít even have a slight chance of winning, however beautiful they are. So, donít just put together tons of taproot sprigs to create a huge dinosaurís skeleton - itís beautiful eyecandy, but itís not a contest winner!"

That's a part of the original post from Archaeopterix, leader of Ambition Design.

And now let's get to the intersting part of their announcement:

The Prizes
"The prizes Ah, now it getís interesting
We will be giving away three prizes, generously put at our disposal by Foute
The three prizes will be mousepads printed with the winning screenshots! Each winner will of course recieve a mousepad with his/her own screenshot on it, to avoid people from ritually burning them."

Let's check out their post and start making some artistic screenshots!

posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 2nd 2004f June 2004 @335 by Anastasia
GeniEd2 now for AoK The Conquerors! A must have game enhancing program created by Ykkrosh is here at Age of Kings Heaven!

GeniEd2, originally created for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds game, has been greatly improved and now includes Age of Kings: The Conquerors (Currently does not support non-expansion AoK). The excellent program is arguably the greatest thing to happen to AoK TC. GeniEd2's creator Ykkrosh describes the editor as, "a quick and straightforward way to edit the unit stats from AoK:TC's empires2_x1.dat and empires2_x1_p1.dat. You can alter almost everything from hit-points and movement speed to projectiles and construction costs."

Yes, with GeniEd2 we can make changes for just about everything in the game; units, buildings, garrisoning, icon images, projectiles, and more! Change the stats for each civilization (including Gaia), or all of them with one click. I've even created player one units that do not reveal the map! Only that is just the half of what this game enhancing editor can do. I've been testing and also communicating with my fellow scenario designers, BerserkerJerker, and DM who are both way ahead of me in discovering the seemingly endless possibilities for enhanced Single Player Scenario and Campaign design.

DM (Darkmaster) provides a screenshot from his tests (purposely exaggerated):

BerserkerJerker describes GeniEd2: "You can get items/units in the trigger list that you couldn't get before. This in turn allows you to set triggers that could not previously be set, an example: Create object - "flare", this will create a flare on the mini-map. Another is: create object - “CLF06”, this creates an invisible cliff with a trigger, or own object – “Arrow 20” - player 1, this detects an arrow being shot from an archer, the list goes on and on! I’m going though the triggers one by one and finding many things that were previously impossible. These altered triggers will work in a scenario on any machine regardless; you don't even need the altered .dat file. It essentially opens the editor right up, everything that is in the game (beta units, arrows, dead units, etc.) can now be added to the trigger list."

Thank you Ykkrosh!

Shared Source - Age of Kings Heaven

posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 29th 2004f April 2004 @770 by storycreator
We substituted the rating function with a comment system. That means you can no longer rate articles but give far more detailed feedback via adding a comment.

In addition our article list is now divided into pages (each listing up 20 items) and all articles are directly listed up, so it's one click fewer to our articles.

Age of Kings Screenshot Competition!
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 29th 2004f April 2004 @339 by Anastasia
The Winners have been announced in the Second Annual Screenshot Competition at Age of Kings Heaven. The impromptu contest held in a topic thread at the AOKH Scenario Design Forum found a great number of participants in the seven categories of competition.

Tsuniversity Staff; BerserkerJerker, Dark_Warrior_1, and yours truly joined the competition along with some scenario design contest veterans such as Aftermath, crasher, and Tonto_DaVe! Even veteran designer Enrique Orduno made a cameo appearance! So the contest originally conceived as a 'something to do' became a good competition...and the newer scenario designers made a good showing too. Congratulations to all the contestants!

Check out the screenshots with links (in alphabetical order), and go here to see the win, place, and show for each category!

Best Forest Scene

Great Emperor
Lord SnakeEyes
Raptor the Good
The Adder
The X King

Best Battle Scene

Enrique Orduno
Lord Typaer
Medieval Warfare
zyxomma100 (honorary entry)

Best Jungle Scene

Raptor the Good
The X King

Best Winter Scene

Great Emperor
Lord SnakeEyes
Raptor the Good
The X King
zyxomma100 (honorary entry)

Best Naval Scene

Lord SnakeEyes

Best Town Design

Lord SnakeEyes
Raptor the Good
The X King
zyxomma100 (honorary entry)

Funniest Screenshot

Enrique Orduno
Raptor the Good
The X King
zyxomma100 (honorary entry)

Go here to see the winning screenshots and congratulate the winners!

Age of Mythology Cinematic Contest
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 12th 2004f April 2004 @755 by storycreator
Yesterday Waveslave610 announced a cinematic contest for Age of Mythology. We thought this is an idea to be supported and so we will turn our spotlight feature on the winner of this contest. You'll be in the illustrious company of Ingo van Thiel and (soon to come) Gordon Farrell from SSSI.
So, start your editors and get the hell out of it!

Head of the Tsuniversity

>> Source AoM Heaven Forums

New Articles by Seraph Aro and watchwood
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 12th 2004f April 2004 @024 by storycreator
We've got some new articles in our database.
I especially want to point out Seraph Aro's( Age of Kings Heaven ) article about Display Instructions and watchwood's newest article on Level Dynamics. Watchwood already released a "Beginner's Guide to Scenario Design".

We're looking forward to your next articles, watchwood
and we hope that our cooperation with the Age of Kings Heaven will become fertilely.

- storycreator -
Head of the Tsuniversity

Solving the Mystery of Age of Kings
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 27th 2004f March 2004 @827 by storycreator
"Since Age of Kings hit the shelves in late 1999 years have passed and several new games have been released. But today Age of Kings' scenario design community is the most active one.
I think it is time for a little poll to learn to know why Age of Kings outmatches all other editors in attractiveness.
What is the magic that made and still keeps Age of Kings so popular?"

I ran a poll over at AoK Heaven's forums trying to solve this mystery. The newly released article is showing you the results of that poll.

View the Poll...

View the Results...

Byzantine_Warrior appointed Cherub!
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 27th 2004f March 2004 @819 by Dark_Warrior_1_
That's right, our very own AoM Article manager has been given the rank of Cherub at AoMH. Quoted from Angel Socvazius regarding Byz's new position;

He'll be helping out with this in the scenario design section. Now, that little area has a bit of explaining I'll need to make; Cheezy monkey has decided to resign from his work here at AoMH and xLpx will be taking over as the Scenario Design Library admin, Byz will be helping him out in that work.

Head on over to the post at AoMH to give your congratulations!

Ľ Source - AoM Heaven

AoKH Screenshot Competition
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 24th 2004f March 2004 @062 by Dark_Warrior_1_
Zyxomma100, a forumer at AoKH, is holding on his second annual screenshot competition. The contest currently has over 15 participants competing in the following 7 categories; Best Forest Scene, Best Battle Scene, Best Jungle Scene, Best Winter Scene, Best Naval Scene, Best Town Design, and Funniest Screenshot. Zyx's description of the contest is as follows;

"Imagine yourself as a cameraman with every tool as your disposal. You have the ability to manipulate the terrain as you see fit, adding living and inanimate objects as you see fit, all in search of that perfect shot.

Here you have that ability. Map design is one of the more articulate parts of scenario designing. A player's first impression is often how well the scenery has been created. This is everyone's chance to show off their map designing abilities and beat out everyone, all while getting to see some nice landscapes in the process."

The deadline for the contest is April first which means that all entries must be sent in by 11:59PM (AoKH) forum time. Be sure to check out the thread for all of the details and rules. Also, before entering be sure to check out some of our great AoK Map Design/Eye Candy Articles.

Ľ Source - AoKH Scenario Design Forum

Tsuniversity reaches one-hundred articles
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 6th 2004f March 2004 @887 by Dark_Warrior_1_
Less than a month after the official launch, the TSU has reached 100 articles. We hope to keep expanding our article database in the coming months. Please keep sending us your articles, or leave us some article suggestions using the "Article Wish" function.

New Staff!
posted on Saturday, thEurope/Berlin 6th 2004f March 2004 @004 by Dark_Warrior_1_
The Tsuniversity is proud to welcome Tanneur99 and Byzantine Warrior.

Some of you may recognize Tanneur99 from Age of Kings Heaven where he has several duties as an Angel. Tanneur will be helping Anastasia with our "Spotligh On" feature, writing articles, and possibly writing walkthroughs for well known AoK designs.

Tsunami Studios own Byzantine Warrior joins us as our AOM game manager. Byzantine is active at AOMH and is known for his AOM design Shilmista: Era of Rainshowers.

Age of Mythology - Newbie Designer Academy (NDA)
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 26th 2004f February 2004 @437 by storycreator
Jonathan1222 is currently running an interesting thread at AoM Heaven. Here's his description:

"Welcome to N.D.A, an "academy" for all of you new scenario designers (or people who just want to brush up on their skills)! What happens is that I give you a task to do in the editor. You do your best at the task and send the file to me. If you completed the task, then you move up a "rank"."

Take a look at the thread...

Solving the mystery of Age of Kings
posted on Thursday, thEurope/Berlin 19th 2004f February 2004 @766 by storycreator
Since Age of Kings hit the shelves in late 1999 years have passed and several new games have been released. But today Age of Kings' scenario design community is the most active one.
I think it is time for a little poll to learn to know why Age of Kings outmatches all other editors in attractiveness.
What is the magic that made and still keeps Age of Kings so popular?

Link to the poll:
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If you're designing for Age of Kings, please take the time and answer the few questions!

New Empires Articles!
posted on Wednesday, thEurope/Berlin 18th 2004f February 2004 @889 by Dark_Warrior_1_
Our very own storycreator has recently posted 13 New Empires cinematic articles. The latest five can be found to the right. Click on the "Empires" article section for the full list.

Notice: The Empires, AoM, EE, and Stronghold artice sections are lacking. Please send us your articles or submit an "article wish" that can be found underneath the spotlight to the right.

Also, all "Game Manager" positions are still open. To apply send and e-mail to storycreator.

News Director

zyxomma100's Random Tips
posted on Monday, thEurope/Berlin 16th 2004f February 2004 @946 by Dark_Warrior_1_
zyxomma100, forumer at Age of Kings Heaven recently posted a thread in the Scenario Design forum titled "Random Tips to Improving Your Campaign/Scenario. The thread currently features 15 tips and is still being updated. A few of my favorites include;

1. When debugging your scenario, always test it as if the player is purposely trying to screw the triggers up. Go ahead, delete units to see if you forgot to make the player lose. Please, search for unwanted holes in your barriers. And never assume a unit is going to die just because it seems like it is in an insurmoutable position. You'd be surprised what some creative people could do to win battles...

6. As irresistable as it is, try to avoid having your name appear in the scenario as a chat message every 3 minutes. This only really happens in some multiplayer maps, but is annoying nonetheless.

The thread provides usefull information and includes some humor making it an easy and pleasant read. Stop in and let everyone know your oppinion.

Ľ Source: Age of Kings Heaven

Job Description
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 15th 2004f February 2004 @923 by storycreator
What does the Age of Mythology / Empire Earth / Stronghold Manager do?
This was a question I received a few times and I've to admit we forgot to write it in the news. So here's the description:
(taken from the "About Us" section)

A Game Manager is someone who can interact with the community of a certain game, is an experienced scenario design enthusiast, and has a keen eye for finding article sources. If you want to be the Game Manager for 'Age of Mythology' for example, you have to be a frequent visitor of The more active you are in a game's community (this is not fixed to the Heavengames' sites) the better it is.

If you would like to be one of our Game Managers (wrongly called "Article Manager" in the news post below), give it a try and send me a mail.

Head of the Tsuniversity

Welcome to the new Tsuniversity!
posted on Sunday, thEurope/Berlin 15th 2004f February 2004 @018 by Dark_Warrior_1_
Tsunami Studios is proud to present to the design community the new Tsuniversity! Many of you may remember the old Tsuniversity. Well, after storycreator's months of hard work your favorite article reference library is back!

Since the previous site was shutdown the Tsuniversity has had quite a few staff additions. Kato_ has joined us as our new article director. We're proud to call Berserker Jerker our article manager. Long time member of Tsunami Studios and Age of Kings Heaven Cherub Anastasia is now with us as our spotlight author (Keep an eye out for her spotlight on Ingo van Thiel). Finally, I, Dark_Warrior_1_ have joined as the resident news director.

The Tsuniversity is a separate branch of Tsunami Studios. You do not need to be a member of Tsunami Studios in order to join the Tsuniversity. Nor do you need to be a member of the Tsuniversity in order to submit articles. In fact, we encourage you to send us your articles! If you are interested in joining the Tsuniversity these jobs as article directors are currently available;

Age of Mythology article manager,
Empire Earth article manager and
Stronghold article manager

If you are Interested in any of these jobs please e-mail storycreator (

Please feel free to browse the site and make sure to visit us if you have any design questions or if you just need inspiration. If you can't find the article you are looking for, or would like to see and article written on a particular subject feel free to email me ( or any one of the Tsuniversity members. As said, we also encourage you to send us any of your own articles.

Thanks for stopping by and visit us again soon!

DW and The Tsuniversity Staff


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